Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Pain Management for Carpal Tunnel:

Chiropractic pain management extends beyond treatment for spinal injuries and daily strains that occur from personal injury accidents and tensions in the body. Boston Spine Clinics is available to provide a wide range of chiropractic services to assist and rehabilitate patients in all areas of their wellness care, to correct alignments, ease stress and alleviate pain and treat the affects from carpal tunnel syndrome.


The Carpal Tunnel refers to the actual tunnel that forms via the Transverse Carpal Ligament that passes over the major blood vessels and nerves inside the wrist. That ligament holds everything in place basically. See picture above. When that ligament is damaged or for some reason becomes too thick; compression can occur on the nerves and/or blood vessels in the wrist and hence; pain and/or numbness can occur in the hand after the fact.

By serving as a main facility for chiropractic care in the Boston and Everett areas, the treatment plan from a chiropractor isn't limited to one area alone, as an injury or stress to one area of the body can contribute to the pain and ailments elsewhere. With regards to carpal tunnel, the methods of rehabilitation require much of the same treatments for pain management. Chiropractic treatments such as manipulation and trigger point therapy can help increase the range of motion and mobility in hands and wrists to increase comfort and usability. As well, nerve compression can often be relieved. See below:


Massage therapy as part of the treatment plan provides additional benefits for those suffering from soreness, pain and serious limitations to their hand and wrist capabilities due to carpal tunnel. Stiffness that causes such pain can be relieved and circulation can be increased for more efficient dexterity and increased overall wellness.

Typically, when the plan of treatment and therapeutic exercises are maintained on a consistent basis, this can serve as an alternative to surgery. Fortunately, Boston patients suffering from carpal tunnel can rest assured that their symptoms and the care for their condition will be carefully monitored and treated so that full healing and recovery can be achieved.

Massage therapy and other chiropractic techniques can help to intensify strengthening, ease joints and increase range of motion after it's been impaired by carpal tunnel. Boston and Everett residents can receive a chiropractic evaluation to determine the seriousness of their injuries so that a full treatment plan can be enforced as an alternative to surgery.

Chiropractic Care Provides Rehabilitative Alternative

Surgery can create anxiety and effects unplanned for by a patient. When determining the best route for care, it is important for each patient to understand their recovery time and what methods of practice are needed for rehabilitation. Carpal tunnel affects everyday life and without proper attention to pain management and future damage to the nerves and bones of the hands and wrists, the condition only worsens. Therefore, it is necessary to seek chiropractic guidance to implement exercises for treatment and prevention of further strain to the body.

When all aspects of the problem are explored, including the bones, tendons and triggering factors, the chiropractor's evaluation can ensure that every treatment is providing the ultimate quality of care that has been individualized for each patient depending on their symptoms and injuries. Pain from carpal tunnel can interrupt mobility and impact daily life. With the proper care and intensive chiropractic treatment, surgery can be avoided in some cases and daily functioning at a comfortable level can be restored.


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