Cell Phones and Brain Tumors


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Cell Phones and Brain Tumors


New research is continually being published on this troubling link. The following review is citated at Murphy D, "Cell Phones and Brain Tumors," The American Chiropractor, Feb. 2010, Vol. 32, #2. Much of Dr. Murphy's article comes from the following citation, Khurana VG, Teo C, et. al., "Cell Phones and Brain Tumors: A Review including the long-term epidemiologic data," Surgical Neurology, Sept. 2009, Vol. 72.


cellphones-11) The Surgical Neurology article itself has a full 68 references. The editorial comment included in the article states that the study is "the most comprehensive study and analysis to date of this topic."

2) The authors found 11 long term studies in the PubMed database with people having used cell phones for 10 or more years.

3) The upshot of the entire article is that using a cell phone for over 10 years about doubles the risk of being diagnosed with a brain tumor on the same side of the skull where one typically holds their phone.

4) The power used and hence the danger generated by a cell phone varies with interference: for example; using a cell in a moving car or inside a building requires more cell energy.

5) Evidence also suggests that cordless telephones are not safe.

6) Cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation only during calls.

7) Cell phone systems have heretorfore been presumed to be safe because their longer wavelengths are not ionizing, lacking sufficient energy to break intermolecular bongs. Thus, their increased cancer risk is NOT a function of inonization.

8) "Science Magazine" recently acknowledged that there are several peer-reviewed studies from labs in at least seven different countries including the U.S., showing that cell phone or similar low-intensity electromagnetic fields can, contrary to conventional wisdom regarding non-ionizing sources, break DNA or modulate it structurally.

9) Regardless of the type of phone, exposure is highest on the side of the head against which the cellular phone is held and appears to be higher in children owing to their thinner skulls, increased water volume in their heads and lower brain volume.

10) The authors presented evidence that cell phones can be DNA damaging as a consequence of "non-thermal interaction between incoming micowaves and the exquisitely sensitive oscillatory electrical processes found in living tissue. Free radicals and reactive oxygen are the end result of this electrical interchange.

11) Taken all together, the long-term epidemiological data suggest an increased risk of being diagnosed with an ipsilateal (same side) brain tumor related to long term cell phone usage.

12) The CENTRAL BRAIN TUMOR REGISTRY of the United States maintains comprehensive tumor incidence rates in the U.S. and their data shows a marked increase in brain tumor incidence of about 36% within the last decade. The increase is NOT explained by the aging population because the figures were age adjusted. Nor was better detection deemed to explain the jump. Cell phone usage remains the culprit.

13) The authors concluded that due to the overwhelming epidemiologic evidence and lab findings, taken together it all underscores the need for a speedy re-assesment by governments worldwide of cell phone after-effects as well as radiation standards. If the epidemiological data continues the clear trends that have been seen thusfar, in addition to ever growing world wide dependance on cell phone technology, neurosurgeons are going to be operating on far more primary brain tumors than ever before.




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