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Chiropractic Colleges


Cleveland Chiropractic College                                                  Kansas City
D'Youville College of Chiropractic                                               Buffalo, NY
Life Chiropractic College/University                                            Atlanta
Life Chiopractic College West                                                    Hayward, CA
Logan College of Chiropractic                                                    St. Louis
National University of Health Sciences                                       Chicago
New York Chiropractic College                                                   Seneca Falls, NY
Northwestern Health Science University                                     Bloomington, MN
Palmer College of Chiropractic                                                   Davenport, Iowa
Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida                                        Port Orange, Fla.
Palmer College of Chiropractic West                                          San Jose, CA
Parker College of Chiropractic                                                    Dallas
Sherman College of Chiropractic                                                Spartansburg, SC
Southern California University of Health Sciences                      Los Angeles
Texas Chiropractic College                                                         Passadena, TX
University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic                          Bridgeport, Conn.
Western States Chiropractic College                                          Portland, Oregon

Presently there are 17 American Colleges of Chiropractic. Note; National Univ. used to be called National Chiroprctic College. As well, Southern California Univ. used to be called Los Angeles Chiropractic College.




Anglo-European Chiropractic College                       Dorset, England
Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College                  Toronto, Canada
University du Quebec                                               Trois-Rivieres Quebec, Canada
Institute Fancais de Chiropracic                                Ivry-Sur-Seine, France
Macquarie University (Chiropractic)                          North Ryde, NSW, Australia
Murdoch University (Chiropractic)                             Perth, Australia
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology                  Melbourne, Australia
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology                  Japan
New Zealand Chiropractic College                            New Market, Auckland, NZ




Dr. John Haberstroh is a proud 1983 graduate of Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, seen above.

Bear in mind that the average curriculum at Chiropractic college consists of 4,485 class and lab hours over a four year span. Medical college has, on the average, 4, 248 classroom and lab hours. Dr. Haberstroh practices in Everett, MA which borders on Boston, which is to say, he is a Boston Chiropractor.

Dr. John Haberstroh is a Everett Chiropractor and Boston Chiropractor. More information can be found at Boston Spine Clinics.


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