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March, 1993: Haberströh J, Orphan J: "Critique: Randomized Clinical Trial of Manipulative Therapy and Physiotherapy for Persistent Back and Neck Complaints: Results of one year Follow-Up", Neurology Chronicle, Vol. 2, #10, Spring, 1993, Alan Ropper, MD, Editor-in-Chief.

September, 2005: Haberströh J, Mulhern, K, Henry, J, "Properly Documenting a Case File and Forensic Examination of IME Doctors," The Forensic Examiner, Vol. 14, #4, Winter, 2005.  See pdfWinter Examiner '05.pdf  download on PUBLICATIONS page.


August, 2006: Haberströh J, Mulhern, K, "Qualifications and Paradigms for the Independent Examiner," The Forensic Examiner, Vo. 15, (3), Fall, 2006. See PDF File download on the PUBLICATIONS page.


September 2006: Haberströh J, September 2006, ADAMS Article Conspiracy to Absurdity-Final Draft-V PDF File.    pdfPDF File


February, 2008: Haberströh J, Mulhern K, "Stories From the Front: IE (IME) Excesses and How to Counter Them," The Forensic Examiner, Spring-2008, Vol. 17 (1).pdfSpring 08 Examiner.pdf

*See the Publications page on this web site for pdf downloads of the three Forensic Examiner articles.

August, 2011: Haberströh J, "Miranda Revisited," The Forensic Examiner, Summer-2011, Vol. 20 (2).pdfPDF file


September, 2014:  Haberströh J Chargemaster: How it is ruining Health Care in America. The Forensic Examiner pdfPDF File



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