Sodium Shockers


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Sodium Shockers




From, "Men's Fitness," April, 2013.

The truth is, according to studies, the average American consumes TWICE the recommended allowance of Sodium each day. According to the American Heart Association, the allowable amount of Sodium intake each day is 1500 mgs. Which means that we Americans are consuming at least 3000 mgs./day of the stuff. As most people now know, the problem with too much Sodium is that it causes the body to retain water which in turn elevates Blood Pressure which in turn leads to heart disease. Elevated Blood Pressure on a continual basis has been blamed for 2.3 million heart related deaths world wide each year. 

By avoiding the direct application of salt on food, one can certainly help contain the Sodium that is dumped into our bodies each day. But here's the surprise: there are all kinds of food that have excess Sodium in them and people don't realize it. Hence the phrase, "Sodium Shockers."  Let's see our list of 9 Shockers right now: *mgs. means Sodium.

1) Bread: One slice.                                                  =            230 mgs. of Sodium. 

2) Cheese: One slice(American/Cheddar)                      =            321 mgs.

3) Cereal: One cup Raisin Bran                                   =             250 mgs.

4) Ketchup:  One Tablespoon                                     =            167 mgs.

5) Frozen Meals:  One Dinner                                     =             600 mgs.

6) Deli meats/Cold Cuts: Three slices of Turkey             =            1050 mgs.

7) Canned Soup/Veggies:  I can of Chicken Noodle Soup =            1700 mgs.

8) Vegetable Juice: 8 oz. glass                                   =            420 mgs. 

9) Chicken & Poultry:  One Chicken                             =            940 mgs. 

At Boston Spine Clinics, we strongly urge all people to stop and consider what you are putting into your body. And whatever you do, please try NOT to add Salt to your diet. Clearly, there is plenty of salt already in many of the common foods we eat. 



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